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Wagyu - Mishima Kobe Beef Brisket Boneless 15lb

Wagyu - Mishima Kobe Beef Brisket Boneless 15lb

Mishima Wagyu Beef

Features: Mishima Reserve beef is a cross between full-blood black Wagyu bulls, the Japanese breed that elevated beef to luxury, and Angus cows.  Born and bred in North America, the cattle begin life in the pasture. Mishima works with a network of family ranches and manages every aspect of the cattle’s lives from breeding, to feeding, and overall care. While typical U.S. beef cattle are finished in 90-120 days to get them to market quickly, Mishima Wagyu are finished on an average of 400 days. Their diets consist of a proprietary vegetarian feed of barley, rolled corn, corn silage, alfalfa, and wheat straw with access to plenty of clean air, land, and water.   

Origin: Colorado & Alberta

Breed: F1 cross, Kuroge bull bloodline

Specs: 4 star (BMS 4-5), 5 star (BMS 6-7), Ultra Grades (BMS 8+)

Season: Year Round

Purchasing Options: Subprimal Cuts