Seafood - Mahi Mahi Boneless 6oz each (6 per case)

Mahi Mahi Boneless & 6oz each (6 per case)

The name Mahi Mahi comes from a Hawaiian word which means strong. It is said that the fish is powerful and fast in the water, which is the reason why the Hawaiians gave it such a name.

Mahi Mahi is known by different names. Others simply refer to it as Mahi. I know some who call it Dorado. But back in the day, it was called dolphinfish.

Yes, in the 80s, Mahi Mahi was marketed as the dolphinfish. This led to many believe that they were being served with the dolphin. To avoid confusion, the name Mahi Mahi was eventually used in the markets.

6 X 6oz filets