Beef - Baseball Steaks (Thick Centre-Cut Top Sirloin) 6oz each AAA 40+ Days Aged Ontario Grass-Fed (Sold in pairs)

These steaks are made from Ontario grass-fed beef is a huge selling point. Grass-fed beef is known to be more nutritious than conventionally raised beef, and it also means that the animals were treated humanely and the meat is free from any hormones or antibiotics.

The 40+ day aging process is another standout feature of these steaks. Aging the beef in this way results in a more tender and flavorful end product, making for a truly enjoyable eating experience.

The thick center-cut top sirloin cut is a delicious option for steak lovers, with a thick, juicy center and a flavorful outer edge. At 6oz, these steaks are a perfect portion size for a satisfying meal.

These steaks are incredibly versatile and can be cooked in a variety of ways. Whether you prefer them grilled, broiled, or pan-seared, these steaks will hold up to any cooking method you choose. They also pair well with a variety of sauces and sides, making them a great option for any occasion.

Overall, these Baseball Steaks (Thick Centre-Cut Top Sirloin) 6oz each AAA 40+ Days Aged Ontario Grass-Fed are for anyone looking for a premium, high-quality beef product that's both nutritious and delicious. The grass-fed beef, aging process, and top sirloin cut ensure that you're getting a top-notch product that's worth every penny.

Customer Reviews

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Yvette Charron
Excellent Service!

I love the baseball sirloin, it is so tender .I also tried the beef tenderloin it was so tender melt in your mouth !!

Jo Riding
Baseball Steak a Homerun! ⚾🥩🏆

Always my favourite cut, but my old meat provider's quality had really fallen, and I couldn't find a replacement. After some research, I found Wiser and now, I'm back in the game! ;) These are PERFECT, and really only need some salt & pepper, maybe a pat of butter!

Daniel Hausman


Rudy Katwaroo
Baseball steaks

I was gifted a gift card and used it to buy some baseball steaks. I seasoned them up, 2 with a caribbean blend and 2 with a South West blend of spices. I placed them in ziplock bags with olive oil and let them sit for 2 days. When I cooked them, OMG, they were so tender and tasty. They didn't last long. Even my 7 year old daughter was begging for more.

Megan Simpson
Best baseball steaks ever!

Amazing steaks EVERY time! Even when frozen, microwave-thawed, and then grilled on the BBQ. They taste amazing and the texture is mindblowing.

Here's our super-secret super-easy recipe..

NOTE: Obviously fresh is best, but even frozen and micro-wave thawed, they are spectacular, so here we go...

We often freeze a large part of our order upon delivery, and when comes time to cook them, we either let them thaw in warm water in the sink (keeping them in their vaccuum-sealed bag, obviously), or we throw them in the microwave on defrost mode (typically takes 8 minutes for 2 steaks).

"After thaaat", we pat Montreal Steak Spice on both top and bottom, and throw them on a pre-heated BBQ on medium heat. We then close the cover and leave them for 3 minutes on each side for a perfect medium-rare doneness. For well-done, 5-6 minutes on each side should get rid any trace of pink.

Another variant we use is also to mix the spice into mayonaise and just cover the steak with the resulting mayonaise sauce, and re-apply it while grilling on the BBQ.

Carmen Altoft

baseball steaks Delicious as always!


We were referred to Wiser Meats by a co-worker..........what a great referral!!! The steaks were fantastic and tasted very fresh. We have recently ordered chicken, chicken tenders, beef burgers, and ground beef......all of which were great. We will need to order more soon!!!

Canadian smokesman

Excellent quality and flavour
Highly recommended

Moira Wheeler
Beef "Baseball" steaks

Absolutely delicious. My son loves them

Sophie Leblond Robert
Melt in your mouth!

This truly was a delicious steak! It didn't require any sauces it was all around Delicious!!!Will buy again for sure!!!