Beef - Breakfast Sausage 8 pcs (300gm)

Beef Breakfast Sausage 8 pcs (300gm)

Breakfast sausage (or country sausage) is a type of fresh beef sausage usually served at breakfast in Canada. It is a common breakfast item in traditional "farmer" or "country" breakfasts, as it originated as a way for farmers to make use of as much of their livestock as possible.

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Josh Shoresh
Terrific Beef Breakfast Sausages

These are a great alternative to pork breakfast sausages - they taste great, and of course, the Wiser Meats service is terrific.

Wiser Meats

Breakfast sausages are delicious

Best beef sausage I’ve had

I don’t eat pork so always have a hard time finding beef sausages. Usually they are very fatty and greasy. These sausages are great. They are on the leaner side so don’t get as much grease as I have with other beef sausages. They have a great taste and will definitely purchase again.

vicki laframboise
Best for product and service

I highly recommend Wiser Meats. It was suggested by a friend of mine a few months ago and I am now a returning customer. The beef breakfast sausage is so much better then any store bought meat, if you can even find beef sausage in a grocery store that is. The hamburg meat is so tasty, no heavy filled pink slime, just good meat. The boneless, skinless chicken thighs were amazing. Not heavy water filled meat, like you get at the grocery store, but all meat and barely any grease.

The service is fantastic. On time, friendly delivery, and always with a smile. Can't get better than this.