Beef - Hanger Steak 12oz 40+ Days Aged AAA Ontario Grass-Fed

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Discover Exquisite Tenderness with 40+ Days Aged AAA Ontario Grass-Fed Hanger Steak - 12oz

Immerse yourself in a culinary journey of unparalleled tenderness and flavor with our 40+ Days Aged AAA Ontario Grass-Fed Hanger Steak. This 12oz masterpiece is a testament to the art of aging and ethical sourcing, delivering a dining experience that exceeds expectations. Here's why our Hanger Steak stands out:

🥩 Premium AAA 40+ Days Aged Beef: Indulge in the sublime tenderness and rich flavor of our AAA 40+ Days Aged Ontario Grass-Fed Hanger Steak. The extended aging process enhances the beef's natural qualities, ensuring a dining experience that is nothing short of exceptional.

🌿 Grass-Fed Goodness: Sourced from the verdant pastures of Ontario, our Grass-Fed Hanger Steak reflects a commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices. Immerse yourself in the natural richness and quality that comes from cattle raised in harmony with the environment.

🍽️ Perfectly Sized 12oz Portion: This Hanger Steak, at 12oz, provides a generous portion for a satisfying and flavorful meal. The size is ideal for those who appreciate a heartier steak experience, making it a versatile choice for various culinary creations.

🔥 Versatile Culinary Canvas: Whether you prefer grilling, pan-searing, or oven-cooking, our Hanger Steak is a versatile canvas for culinary creativity. The 12oz size allows for even cooking and precise flavor infusion, making it an ideal choice for various cooking techniques.

👨‍🍳 Culinary Excellence at Home: Elevate your home cooking with a Hanger Steak that caters to culinary enthusiasts. The 40+ days of aging intensify the flavors, making it an ideal choice for those who seek a perfect balance of tenderness and taste.

🌐 Ethical and Responsible Sourcing: We take pride in ethically sourcing our beef, ensuring that every purchase supports practices that prioritize animal welfare and sustainable farming. By choosing our Hanger Steak, you're making a conscious culinary choice.

🌟 Aged to Perfection: The Hanger Steak is aged for a minimum of 40 days, allowing the flavors to reach their peak. This meticulous process ensures a dining experience that meets the highest standards of quality and culinary excellence.

Experience the richness of a 12oz AAA 40+ Days Aged Ontario Grass-Fed Hanger Steak. Order now to savor the tenderness and exceptional flavor that define this culinary masterpiece. 🥩🌿 #GrassFedBeef #HangerSteak #CulinaryExcellence #WiserMeats

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Darcy Wiens
Hanger Steak

Absolutely amazing, if you like steak and haven’t had a hanger steak you don’t know what you’re missing!

Virgilio Disipio
Mouth watering

Cooked up this bad boy on the BBQ and was absolutely delicious.
The kids were happy that I replenished stock on the chicken fingers

Dina Bruneau
Dina and Francois

We Love, Love, Love their products.
Great service, excellent delivery times and oh so FRESH, and great portions!

Ken McInnis
Absolutely Amazing!

Ok so Tim hand delivered these to my door FRESH not frozen. I did not want to freeze them; but due to my lack of planning I had no choice. We seared one today on the grill. Wow! tender, full of flavour, and I had frozen and thawed it. I marinated my for about 1 hour at room temperature. I honestly think these are so tender you could just season heavily and sear them. These steaks are the bomb! Just beef flavour explosion. Try them you will love them. Thanks Tim!

Scott M

Forget your trendy flank. Leave behind your ribeye. Wiser meats is just fantastic in their service and cut selection. Hanger is much of the flavour of a rib eye and cut / prepared right a super tender and well flavoured beef cut. Grass fed aged 40+ days this is an excellent cut at a really reasonable price. It’s a staple on all of my Wiser orders.

Cameron Cook

Was truly amazing. Flew back to Ottawa for the holidays. The meat was perfect, and the service was exceptional. Thank you so much

Bob Moran
Rib-eye on steroids!

I am constantly looking for the best steak. For 40 years, my most flavorful steak has remained the Rib Eye. Then my son introduced me to the hanger steak which is a rib eye on steroids. Flavorful, juicy and tender as they come.

Josh Shoresh
Hanger Steak 12oz 40+ Days Aged AAA Ontario Grass-Fed

Terrific cut of beef that few vendors sell. Wisers hanger steaks are especially fantastic, probably because they're aged 40 days, and sourced from grass-fed beef. This enhances the beefy flavour, and better tenderizes the steaks. Lastly, the Wiser's service is excellent - great range of products, delivery to the door, never a problem that isn't resolved right away, and always friendly service. Love it!