Ground Meat - Beef Extra-Lean Ground AAA Ontario Grass-Fed 1lb

Beef Extra-Lean Grass-Fed Ontario Ground 1lb

Why does ground beef have fat? Fat helps give ground beef a wonderful, buttery beef flavor. Generally, the higher the fat content in ground beef, the more juice it will deliver and flavor it will preserve. However, leaner grinds can deliver an equally desirable beefy flavor, depending on how they are used. So understanding what lean points are best for various applications can help you enjoy ground beef to the fullest without sacrificing your healthy diet.

Lean Point: 93/7 – 96/4
Attributes: Leanest grinds available · 96% lean grinds are given Heart-Check mark as a heart-healthy food · Primarily used as an ingredient in lean, healthy foods
Best in: Asian lettuce wraps, cabbage rolls, tacos, stuffed peppers, tostadas

100% Fully Aged Ontario Grass-Fed

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Patricia B.
Grass feed so much better tasting

Meals in my home have to be spice free - including salt/pepper. This ground beef has a better taste than any I've purchased from the stores.

Lori-Ann McGrath
Finally ground beef that tastes fresh!

I was extremely surprised by how little the ground beef shrank during the cooking process -- which is a bonus!
The taste was out of this world, very fresh, good quality beef.

This has become a staple in my home.