Poultry - Eggs Cage-Free Washed Farm Fresh (Large) 2 dozen

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🌟 Experience Freshness: Cage-Free Washed Farm Fresh Eggs (Large) 2 Dozen ✨

Dive into a world of culinary delight with our Cage-Free Washed Farm Fresh Eggs. Sourced from content and healthy hens, these eggs are a testament to quality, freshness, and ethical farming practices.

🍳 Large and In Charge: These eggs boast a generous size, making them perfect for a variety of culinary creations. Whether you're whipping up a hearty breakfast or incorporating eggs into your favorite recipes, the large size adds a delectable touch.

🌿 Cage-Free Goodness: Our commitment to ethical farming shines through with cage-free eggs, allowing hens to roam freely in a spacious environment. This humane approach not only ensures the welfare of the animals but also contributes to the exceptional quality of the eggs.

🔍 Washed to Perfection: Each egg undergoes thorough washing, guaranteeing cleanliness and safety. You can crack open these eggs with confidence, knowing they meet the highest standards of hygiene.

🥚 Farm Fresh Flavor: From omelets to baked goods, these eggs bring farm-fresh flavor to your table. The vibrant yolks and robust taste elevate your dishes, creating a culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

🌞 Versatile Culinary Stars: Whether you're mastering the art of the perfect scramble, baking a decadent cake, or crafting a gourmet meal, these eggs are your versatile companions in the kitchen.

Indulge in the goodness of Cage-Free Washed Farm Fresh Eggs (Large) - 2 Dozen, and let the superior quality and freshness enhance your culinary adventures. 🍳✨ #FarmFreshEggs #CageFree #CulinaryDelight #WiserMeats

Why farm fresh eggs?

  • Roam-free hens with a more diverse diet that leads to more nutritional value in their eggs
  • More golden yolks and stiffer egg whites than most eggs found in the grocery store
  • The eggs are fresh! The eggs we sell have all been laid in the last five days and washed
  • Helps support local egg farmers
  • Grown without added hormones or growth enhancers
  • Their shelf life is 4 weeks refrigerated

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Violet Anderson
Chicken eggs

Fantastic tasting. Always a pleasure getting these from this guy. The eggs taste so good just like the farm eggs back home. The egg yolk is nice and orange.

Rudy Katwaroo
Fantasic eggs

These eggs are amazing. So fresh and tasty.

Martin Michaud
Good Eggs!

Much better than the major grocery store eggs. These are the closesr i have found to those i used to collect from my hobby farm.

M. S.
Great quality

Very good quality and fresh and yummie! I liked that it came in 3 dozens too. We ate them up within the week.. ;)

Cathead Lindo
Excellent eggs !!

These are what real eggs are supposed to taste like !!! Not like the garbage at the grocery store...nice hard shell...we'll definitely be buying more 👍👍