Beef - NY Striploin Prime Grade 20oz 70+ DAYS DRY-AGED Ontario Grass-Fed

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Striploin (or New York) steaks are easy to grill, under the broiler, or on a cast-iron skillet. By comparison, consider porterhouse steaks, which are made up of strip steak and tenderloin steak, each with its own cooking time. That makes cooking a porterhouse to a uniform degree of doneness nearly impossible.

Our prime beef comes from the very top of the prime meat market. Did you know that only 2% of all Canadian beef grades as a prime? We take the time to select the best of the best, and then offer you these New York Strips for the quintessential Beef Steak experience. Also known as sirloin steaks, sirloin strips, shell steaks or simply 'strip' steaks, there's a reason we call them New York Strip; they are rich-tasting, tender and full of beef flavor, the best cut of beef on the entire animal! New York Strips are delicious every time. And we should know - we're Ottawa's Butcher!

Centre Cut 

Grass-Fed & ethically raised NO HORMONES OR STEROIDS ADDED


20oz weight