Beef - NY Striploin Steak Centre Cut - Australian Wagyu F1 100% grain-fed & finished 60+ Days Aged HALAL - 18oz

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Beef - NY Striploin Steak Centre Cut, sourced from Australian Wagyu cattle with an F1 designation (indicating crossbred Wagyu), 100% grain-fed and finished, aged for over 60 days, and HALAL certified. Here's a detailed description of this exceptional steak:

Cut and Weight:

  • The NY Striploin Steak Centre Cut is meticulously trimmed to ensure a uniform and visually appealing piece of meat. It typically weighs around 18 ounces (1.12 pounds), making it a substantial and generously sized portion, perfect for those with hearty appetites or for sharing.


  • This steak originates from Australia, a region known for producing high-quality beef. The use of crossbred Wagyu cattle indicates a purposeful breeding program designed to incorporate the best traits of Wagyu and other cattle breeds.

Wagyu Beef:

  • Wagyu beef is celebrated for its remarkable marbling, which results in a luxurious and rich texture. The F1 designation suggests that these cattle are crossbred to inherit some of the coveted marbling characteristics.

Grain-Fed and Finished:

  • The steak is 100% grain-fed and finished, following a feeding regimen that enhances the marbling and imparts a sweet and nutty flavor to the meat. The grains offer a controlled and high-energy diet for the cattle, contributing to the beef's exceptional quality.

Aging Process:

  • This steak has undergone a meticulous aging process of over 60 days. The aging procedure amplifies the flavor and tenderness of the meat by permitting natural enzymes to break down muscle fibers and intensify the taste.

HALAL Certified:

  • The HALAL certification guarantees that the processing and handling of this steak align with Islamic dietary principles, making it suitable for consumers who adhere to HALAL dietary practices.

Flavor Profile:

  • The NY Striploin Steak Centre Cut offers a rich and robust flavor profile. The marbling from the Wagyu genetics infuses the meat with a buttery and indulgent taste, while the grain-fed diet contributes to a deep and gratifying umami character. The aging process further augments the meat's depth and complexity.

Texture and Juiciness:

  • This steak is renowned for its exceptional tenderness and juiciness. The high marbling content ensures that each bite is succulent and rich in flavor. The grains in the diet add to the steak's tenderness, resulting in a memorable dining experience.

Cooking Recommendations:

  • To fully appreciate this high-quality steak, it is best prepared using methods that showcase its marbling and flavor. Grilling, pan-searing, or broiling are favored choices. A simple seasoning of salt and pepper allows the steak's innate qualities to shine.

Culinary Excellence:

  • The Beef - NY Striploin Steak Centre Cut from Australian Wagyu, with its impressive marbling, flavor, and tenderness, is often regarded as a luxurious selection for those who appreciate exceptional beef. It is perfect for special occasions or when you desire to relish an extraordinary steak experience.

In conclusion, the Beef - NY Striploin Steak Centre Cut sourced from Australian Wagyu, 100% grain-fed and finished, aged for over 60 days, and HALAL certified, epitomizes an unparalleled culinary delight. With its sumptuous marbling, deep flavor, and exquisite tenderness, this steak ensures a dining experience that is truly extraordinary. Whether you're indulging in it as a special treat or showcasing it as the centerpiece of a lavish meal, this steak stands as a testament to the highest standards of beef quality and flavor.