Pork - Lard (Rendered fat) 8lb

Lard has several advantages over other oils/fats, one of them being that it, along with beef tallow, has one of the highest smoke points.  That means it doesn’t oxidize when you heat it (oxidization = cancer).  So lard is ideal for high heat cooking (i.e., anything above a light sautés).

Lard also has a high melting point making it the best choice for extra flaky pie crusts and pastries (beef tallow even more so – we’ll be addressing tallow next time.)  Get ready to really experience the old-fashioned taste of yesteryear and what made grandma’s baking so famous.

Lastly, it tastes awesome!  Get ready to make the best-fried chicken, crispy hash browns and just about anything you want to taste just that much better.

Finally, it has health benefits.  That’s right, lard is a good thing.