Game Meats - Bison Ribeye 10oz

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Bison Ribeye 10oz

Bison tends to have a lighter, more delicate flavor than beef, a flavour some describe a slightly sweeter. Bison meat is considerably high in iron, too, which gives it a unique flavor that many people describe as “earthy” or “mineral.” This flavor is not overwhelming, though — bison is not “gamey” in the slightest.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Colin Reynolds
Bison 10oz Rib-eyes

First time ordering from Wiser Meats and I was not disappointed! These bison rib-eyes were absolutely gorgeous and delicious. Some of the best meat I’ve had the pleasure of eating!

I admit there was a bit of sticker shock as I’m not used to buying premium cuts of meat. However, I’m so glad I did!
Full heartedly recommend!! Five stars!!!